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Our highly trained T.R.U. is activated when a property may be suffering from a high volume of Drug Trafficking, Drinking, Loitering, Sexual and Illegal activities in unwanted areas.                
               (a problem that just doesn't go away)

This is where our T.R.U. comes in useful.  They will arrive on your property equiped with MARKED/UNMARKED VEHICLES - UNIFORMED OFFICERS -K9 UNITS Our team will be on your property , where they will be monitoring your properties activities by foot and vehicle patrol making contacts with all subjects on your property and being extremely visible.

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Tactical Response Unit
TRU officers will hand out business cards, collect information, take photos, advise subjects of rules and regulations for your property while enforcing them as well.

The tactical team will set up surveillance to apprehend any criminal acts occurring on your property.
The TRU service will significantly impact your property in a positive manner and is free when you sign up for one of our patrol programs.